Total Destruction Game

Posted October 14, 2022 in development

Total Destruction is a bullet hell style shooting game created with Love for my family.


This project just started out as a fun project to spend some of my down time on. But after getting started on it, I couldn't stop programming. This isn't my finest example of clean source code or best practices, especially in commenting on my code... Also, while developing the game engine code, I changed strategies and code concepts several times, so some sections of code follow old patterns.

Building the game engine and game mechanics was a lot of fun, and the type of problem that I really enjoy. It was easy to spend most of my evenings deep in concentration working on a problem and new code. However, I did find it hard to stay motivated once I was building out the levels.


Level Editor:

I developed a full Level Editor with live code reloading in order to build out the levels. The Level editor also includes a custom GUI with buttons, text boxes, sliders, panels, dialogs.

Source Code:


License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

The game is opensource, but may not be redistributed by anyone or any company. It is a fun family project meant for friends and family.

© Copyright 2022

All original artwork, not attributed below is copyrighted by Christopher Ross in 2022.